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What is group counselling?

Group counselling is a form of psychotherapy that involves one or more therapists working with several people at the same time. This type of counselling is widely used to address issues at mental health clinics, rehabs, and community centres.

Group counselling helps individuals develop communication and socialization skills and allows clients to learn how to express themselves and accept criticism from others. Individuals participating in group counselling are able to listen and identify with others having similar issues, thereby developing self-awareness and confidence.

In many problems, the person may feel shy or stigmatized in talking about his or her issues – the group makes them feel that they are not alone and can be part of group seeking similar solutions.

Why group counselling?

Group counselling is useful on many levels. The two most prominent are:

I'm not alone

Understand your struggles and get your questions answered

Sisterhood will be running online. You and the counsellors will be meeting once a month to share your struggles and get your questions answered.

Every month we will be discussing a theme. The theme would either be most relevant to you or your least struggle. Even though it will be the least struggle for you, we hope you gain some understanding that would be useful to motivate and empower sisters  around you who are having difficulties in such struggles.

Once per quarter we will gather. Meet, talk and mingle. 

What you need to join the session:

  1. Download Zoom
  2. Check updates on your email (if any)

Program Schedule

Sessions will run for a few days a week. Participants will be able to select available slots upon registration.


According to research, an individual who possesses a high level of self-efficacy can achieve personal success as well as behave positively. On the contrary, a person with a low level of self-efficacy is less successful and less confident in achieving the goals set. High or low, from time to time it can weigh down a person.

When your world is moving slowly and the weight on your shoulder is heavy, you would lack motivation. Especially when the things in your life does not spark joy anymore. Waking up in the morning becomes a drag. Coffee does not get you hyped up. Nothing works really. The thought of nothing will become better every so often will come into mind too.

It has become a necessity these days for women to work and contribute to the household financially. Working would mean that you would be compromising your time with the children and in doing the household chores. To keep up with all the demands and responsibilities as a wife, a mother, and a daughter and at the same time work does take a toll on women and often, there is a price to pay. Usually, the relationship with the spouse suffers.

It is either right or wrong, black or white, fantastic or awful and perfect or failure. It is never in between. You are more at peace and harmony when you live it balanced. To get things perfect all the time will need you to be a failure first and for some this is unacceptable. Is it wrong to have it this way?

The thought always comes to mind if you are diagnosed with certain disorders. Unsupportive friends and family will label you as insane. Are you really insane?

In this modern world, there are varieties of addiction from chemical and behavioural addiction. With addiction it is only of two things; either we are aware or unaware of it.

For most victims, when it happened the first time, they made excuses telling themselves that it will not happen again and that she/he did not mean to do it. Then it happened again and again and once you come to realize, it has become a ritual. An abusive relationship is not just limited to physical abuse, it can also be sexual abuse, domestic violence, emotional abuse, discriminatory abuse, and financial abuse. But how do we snap out of it? Coming out and telling people we trust can sometimes become costly to our relationship with the abuser, family, and people around us.

Some of the challenges that one may struggle with is that they are not able to get married even if they want to. Not that there are no suitable candidates around or available, but the responsibility of ‘being responsible’. Caring for the parents, or responsible for the siblings, working multiple jobs. There are many that has to experience this, go through a burn out and struggling mentally or physical to shoulder more.

Communication is vital in daily life. When you have ‘no one understands me’ in your mind, most of the time it is because how we communicate with people. Our body language, face expression and our tone of voice. It sounds simple but these simple acts when done wrong may lead to arguments, social tension, and misunderstandings.

Motherhood requires a lot of skills and it is lifelong learning. It does not come easy. One of the skills is to strike a balance between all the roles that a mother holds, daughter, sister, wife, mother and professional. Juggling these roles can influence many. One of the major roles that comes to play daily is as a wife and mother. Most sisters will struggle with trying to balance both roles and this may result in mom burn out.

Some of the common problems that a family will face are divorce, illness/disability of a family member, financial constrain, unemployment, favoritism, addiction and many more. Most of the time when one family member makes a decision in regard to their life, they don’t realize that it will affect other family members too. On the other hand, some might find their family to be toxic for them as these issues are the thing that constitute to their well-being.  

One of the customs of certain cultures is to live with the in laws, never mind that you can afford to live on your own. In certain circumstances, it is a responsibility to live with the in laws. Conflicts will surely arise and at times it results in frustrations and disagreements between spouses. There are issues whereby they would rather not talk about it with their spouse and keep it to themselves as they ‘married the family’.


Sisterhood is a group therapy to facilitate self-empowerment through the support of qualified counsellors.

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