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We will try and slot you in should there be any slots available. If all slots are full, you will be placed on waiting list on a “first come, first serve” basis.

Additional slots can open up either by (1) a participant dropping out of the program, or (2) the minimum number of participants is reached to open additional sessions.

As it is a new program and there would be a face-to-face gathering every quarter, we are limiting sisters who are within the Klang Valley first to join Sisterhood. InshaAllah once we have establish a stronger presence, we would love to have sisters from all over Malaysia and around the world.

You may register and find more information regarding the registration process here.

Given that it is first come first serve, inshaAllah we will be creating a waiting list. Based on the waiting list, we will try to get more counsellors on board. With this we are able to create more groups as we go inshaAllah.


The program is completely free. You are more than welcome to help by contributing which will enable us to extend our services to more sisters. You may contribute via this link.

May Allah bless you. You may contribute via this link.


The session will either be on a Wednesday or a Sunday in a month. You can choose the day and time that will fit your schedule best.

Do not worry, you will receive your group therapy recorded session through the instructions provided.

We will be using Zoom. The sessions will be conducted in dual-language.

You may download the application here.

You will be able to interact with the counsellor and other group members through the chat function during the session.

They are qualified and experienced female counsellors recognized by Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM).

One of the aims of these sessions are,  you either can get help with what you are struggling with and/or understand issues that other people are struggling with. By understanding the issues others are facing, you can be a much needed support for them. 

Furthermore, the topics discussed were designed to have some continuity and may be indirectly relevant to your struggles. By attending the sessions, you can gain more knowledge and skill to address the issues you have at hand. The know-how learnt can also be beneficial for you in the future.

Sisters will be grouped based on their struggles and questions asked to the counsellor. Please ensure that the registration form is filled in with sufficient detail and accurately so that we may allocate the appropriate group accordingly.

You can email us directly and let us know your concerns. 


  1. Any questions/concerns regarding the program are to be addressed to the admin directly at info@sisterhood.com.my
  2. Make friends with your group members.


A full list is available here.

  1. Participants are not allowed to contact the counsellors outside of the session hours.
  2. As per the privacy and legal policy, you are not allowed to record any audio or video during the session.


A full list is available here.

Legal and Privacy

In our Privacy Policy, we explain what information we collect and how and when we share it. We think it is important that you know about these relationships and that you are empowered take make choices about them.

Only the admin can record the online sessions or the face-to-face sessions. You will receive an instruction on how to access them.


Sisterhood is a group therapy to facilitate self-empowerment through the support of qualified counsellors.

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