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What is Sisterhood

Sisterhood is about self-empowerment. Being in control of our well-being; spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Together with the help of qualified and experienced counsellors to better ourselves, we can not only help ourselves through our own struggles, but we can also help other sisters out there. These can be your immediate family, relatives, neighbours or friends.

Sisterhood is also about bonding with sisters who are going through the same difficulties in life.

Let’s talk, bond and motivate each other.

Our Journey to Sisterhood

Mercy Mission began with an idea – what is the most effective way to create positive social impact in a global way? Since then, it has launched various projects around the world affecting the lives of millions. In Malaysia, Mercy Mission, which is most known for its highly esteemed conferences – Twins of Faith and Being-ME – champions education and social service causes. Among its notable projects are Seven Skies Islamic International School and Charity Right. More information on Mercy Mission Malaysia can be found here.


The idea of helping women with their worry and anxiety arose when individuals started to share their struggles on social media. In mid-2018 we organised a women only conference, Being ME with the theme Breaking Barriers. With the help from collaborating partners, we were able to get professionals to speak on our platform. We discussed issues from having a support system, eating disorders, expressing our feelings and self help to name a few.

After getting an overwhelming feedback, we decided to have a preliminary mental health assessment alongside our main program at the Twins of Faith conference in December 2018. Twins of Faith is an annual family conference that discusses current issues through the lens of Islam. Out of the 62 people who registered for the mental health assessment, 30% have moderate depression and more than 50% have severe and extremely severe anxiety. We believe at that point of time that not many people are aware of the importance of seeking help.

We did not stop there. We continued our mission to be a helping hand to as many as possible. Every month then on, we organised free lectures that either discusses mental health issue at large or we would address it in related current issues. We were happy that many were able to benefit from them.

In 2020, we decided to take a bolder step to respond to an increase in demand for help on mental health. It has been a journey for us to bring Sisterhood to life. We welcome you with open arms to partake this journey of self betterment together.


Sisterhood is a group therapy to facilitate self-empowerment through the support of qualified counsellors.

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